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Spiritually Aware Parenting is built on the understanding that the parent/child relationship is a RELATIONSHIP… not a role you play.


You are more than a parent.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Your child is more than “a child”.

Your child is a spiritual being having a physical experience.

The reason they have chosen you as their launching pad for life is to take part in a co-creation.

They can help you know yourself

And you can help them learn how to function in the human world…

Together you create something new, but the first step is a journey of self discovery.


If you are looking for support in creating a spiritually aware family with  conscious parenting tools and practical spirituality practices you can grow alongside raising your children, I encourage you to check out these self led options.


with the Universe

I’ve compiled the processes I offer parents and created my new flagship course Co-Parenting with the Universe.

This extensive program takes you through the self work processes, spiritual connection practices and shadow work in the practical, tangible way I’ve offered parents through my years of coaching so you can show up whole for your children. But we don’t stop there.

It then takes you through implementing Spiritually Aware Parenting into your home, with understanding your child’s perspective and behaviour, their human experience and their spiritual one, so you can raise them to know themselves.

Spiritual Kids

Spiritual Kids
This course was released in 2017 and offers the exercises, tools, crafts and stories that I used with my own children, as well as video lessons in passing on an understanding of Emotional awareness, meditation, the law of attraction, gratitude and more.

The course is offered through short video lessons for you as the parent so you can offer the practices organically.

What other people are saying about Spiritually Aware Parenting and working with Christina:


I’ve been a spiritually aware parent coach for over 8 years. 

I help parents chart the path of self-discovery, even through the chaos of parenting.

It doesn’t have to be hard, or take a lot of “time”. Rather it’s about understanding your relationship with the Universe, and your relationship with your child in a new way.

Through coaching, courses and books I have supported parents in tapping into a deeper side of the parenting relationship and creating the family dynamic they have dreamt of, where the family is a compassionate team who support each other and listen to each other’s needs.

Over that time I was also parenting my three children who are now adults and in their teens. 

As a homeschool mother, I used a variety of tools, stories, exercises and practices to illustrate the deeper nature of my children so they knew themselves on a deeper level. 

I am passionate about helping parents find connection in the chaos, so they can show up as who they really are.

I am just as passionate about helping this new generation of children know their truest selves and be able to navigate this changing world confidently, awarely and with the superpower of their own sensitivity.


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