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Christina Fletcher

‘About Me’ pages are usually created to relay a list of labels of significance or meaning to the person they are about, such as wife, mother, sister, or professional credentials.

In that vein, Christina Fletcher is a Spiritual Alignment Coach, energy healer, author, speaker, host of the ‘Showing Up Whole’ podcast, and a wife and mother of 3. 

As esteemed as each label may be, first and foremost she is a spiritual being, having a physical experience, creating a beautiful relationship with the Divine.

More than all the labels, to really know Christina, it’s important to know her story so far. 


Christina Fletcher’s journey has been filled with synchronicity, serendipity, the mystical and the downright magical.

There were moments of great growth, intuitive redirection, miracles big and small and plenty of challenges to overcome too, but developing that strong sense of trust and inner connection was the magical GPS that paved the way to each new adventure.

Learning to trust that inner tug of Divine wisdom was what helped Christina separate the dead-end turns from the fortuitous opportunities.

It all began with a series of aligned and serendipitous occurrences that all conspired together to unite Christina with her soulmate and husband of 21 years, Jeff.

Having been a seeker since childhood, a nudge from a university professor in religious studies, prompted her to give up her quest for a spiritual label, instead adopting the term “mystic”.

From here, she began to focus solely on developing her relationship with the Divine.
This prompted a shift in the direction of her education, from Theology and Philosophy to Gnosticism and Esoteric studies.

Her relationship with Divine energy led to two new openings of awareness.

First, she started to learn how to connect to her spiritual guides, specifically Archangel Michael, and she began to develop a strong connection with him as he guided her every step. 

At the same time, Christina became deeply aware that she had a soulmate, whom she hadn’t yet met. She chose to commit to a relationship with him even though it hadn’t yet begun.

In 2001, Christina acted on a relentless internal tug, and decided she would visit the U.K. from her home in Canada, even though she didn’t have the funds to do so.
With the decision made, she manifested a lump sum of funding for a television project she had been developing with Channel 5 called ‘Spirit In My Suitcase’. This provided the financial means to get her across the pond. 

When she arrived, with no particular plan or itinerary, there was a dark night in a YMCA in Cornwall, where she told Spirit she’d given up on ever finding her soulmate.
The very next morning she was on a coach to Glastonbury, having felt a sudden urge to take an early bus.

When she arrived she saw a flier advertising a seminar on Michael’s Teachings, and both felt and knew that Archangel Michael was pointing the way. As she entered, she locked eyes with Jeff, and the world around them fell away. Neither Christina nor Jeff could tell you whether it was seconds, minutes, or hours spent gazing deeply into one another’s eyes like that. Whilst their souls stood transfixed, each recognising the other, magic and light were palpable in the air all around them. 

Within three weeks they were engaged and living together.
Within six, Jeff was moving to Canada to be with Christina.
After six months, they were expecting their first beautiful baby girl. Their miraculous second daughter arrived just ten months after the birth of their first and six years later they welcomed their wonderful son into the world. 

In September 2022, they’ll celebrate 21 years of married bliss. 

Along the way they’ve overcome many struggles.
From homelessness, bankruptcy and health emergencies, they’ve also sung together as musical therapists, opened a vegetarian restaurant ‘Get Stuffed Healthy’ together and lived in many countries across the globe, including Canada, England and Spain, whilst homeschooling their kids.

Shortly after her pregnancy with her son, Christina penned her first book on spiritual experience during pregnancy, called ‘Who They Really Are’. The insights and learning that came from that book shifted her path once again, and she began to get into coaching to offer other parents concepts of spiritual pregnancy and parenting. 

Christina has trained and studied in:

- Therapeutic Touch

- Quantum Healing

- Spiritual Healing and Frequencies

- Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP)

- Meditation

- Religious Studies ( major at the University of Manitoba)

Spiritual Alignment Coach

Christina’s coaching career began over seven years ago, after making the shift in her own parenting life from the “role” of parenting to building a wonderful relationship as a parent with her three beautiful children.
What started as offering conscious parenting tools, as well as her knowledge in mindset and mindfulness, turned into intuitive spiritual coaching.

 Over the years she furthered her education in energy healing and created courses and practices that help her clients tap into their own inner power, whilst developing ways to explain spirituality and inner knowing in practical terms, so that all of her clients could benefit from learning to develop their own mystic relationship with the Divine.

Today, Christina specializes in a practical form of spirituality, one that helps people to integrate inner work, aligning it with their busy lifestyles. 

She is passionate about helping her clients and community to find their inner calm and connection so that they can live from a place of sacred wholeness. 

Believing that each person is a spark of Divine light, a soul that is here to have a physical existence, and that we’re all here to shine authentically as our truest selves, Christina has a multitude of practical techniques to guide, align and help people heal themselves.

Through reprogramming mindset, perspective shifts, spiritual connection, intuitive guidance and manifestation and mindfulness techniques, she teaches her clients how to overcome overwhelm and shame in order to find that magical place of flow, ease, and deep heart-centered connection within.

In 2022, Christina found she was helping clients with a variety of backgrounds, and the focus on spiritual parenting had shifted. She created her course Spiritually Aware Parenting to continue to support parents and their kids in spiritual development, while moving the focus of her work towards helping people to show up whole in our chaotic world. themselves, just as she has practiced over the last 25 years.

Spiritual Alignment Coach

Customers reviews

“Christina’s wisdom, insights and positivity are invaluable for everyday life.”
Andrew , father of 2
“I walk away from my sessions with Christina mind blown at the impact that discussion has had on me and filled with so much love. Thank you Christina you are one truly magical human being!!”