Does this sound familiar? You need simple steps to help you develop your inner world, so that you will feel energised, […]

We’ve all been there… the heat in the moment. Our children flip out, meltdown, scream, shout, and see red. It […]

When you are out of alignment in your emotional energetic world you have been holding on to unprocessed emotions and experiences for too long.
This leaves you feeling heavy hearted, unable to fully feel into experiences or connections with others and often holding your breath.
Emotional unalignment comes from being taught to think things through, rather than feel things through. You live in a world which loves to over think and work things out.
But your heart is trying to share a deeper message.

Welcome to the Energy Reset Circle,
A spiritual community that meets online each Sunday to realign to the heart’s path, and set intentions to start the week off in vibrational alignment.

Our magical collective offers a space to unwind and connect with other wonderful souls.
We come together to unburden ourselves from the difficulties of our busy lives and plug back into our Universal power bank.
Join us weekly at 4pm EST/ 9pm GMT in a Zoom meeting.

This program is designed to take you through easy to implement practices you can use to create alignment and flow […]