Let’s talk about Energy Alignment:

Because, in today’s fast world,

you need specific tools to create flow that can be

implemented into everyday life, so you feel deeply aligned to your divine, inner self, even if you are new to the spiritual path

or have been trying to heal for a long time.

Life’s loud and it can leave you feeling pulled in every direction all at once.

You know you need to do the inner stuff, everyone is talking about mindfulness, alignment and manifestation and you know it would help.

But, while finding the time and the space is a hurdle, the pressure to figure out what steps will actually help your self development the most so you don’t waste that carved out time can paralyze you.


Here’s a way to get focused:

Did you know you had 4 different Energetic Worlds within you?


You have likely heard about your chakras, the major energy centres that move energy through your body, but those reside in different worlds of yourself.

The Physical Energetic World

This is the home of the Root and Solar Plexus, your physical self, who you are in this world. When this world is out of alignment you can feel intense anxiety or nervousness, always running on empty or in fight or flight mode. 

The Emotional Energetic World

This is the home of the Heart and Throat Chakra. This vulnerable energetic plain has so much to express and to be heard, but past hurt, lack of worthiness or insecurities can throw her out of balance quickly.