When you are out of alignment in your physical energetic world your energy can’t flow through your body. You are left feeling anxious, on edge and defensive.

Physical unalignment is actually based on your nervous system being triggered, caused by being bogged down by stressful situations, sudden shocks or traumatic events or…
Honestly the last 4 years.
But alignment isn’t far away. 
It’s just understanding how alignment feels and knowing a few tweaks and nudges that lead you back to safety and steady ground from the inside out.
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There are so many people just like you, who know they are reacting in ways that feel off, that are tired of always feeling anxious or suffering from digestion issues and just want a quick solution to get on solid ground.

Who wants to live on quick sand all the time, right?

We live in chaotic times, which are always throwing something at you; a new worry, a new fear, a new sense of it all slipping away.

How do you find that sense of stability when you don’t know what’s coming next?

Easy Answer: You work from the inside out.

Not so easy, right?

Well, the great news is that the Physical Energy Alignment course is going lift you up and place you in a space of safety and rest, so you can feel grounded, present in your body and whole,

all in a 7 day process you can put into place in 15-20 minutes each day.

The Physical Energy Alignment course is for every spiritually aware seeker, who is tired of feeling like you are continually in survival mode and reacting to life around you as if the next disaster is around the corner. (No amount of worry or stress will prepare you, in fact it means you will be too drained out to deal with anything anyway!)

 It’s time for you to feel that sparkle and bubbling sense of joy that comes from a grounded and regulated nervous system; it’s that sense of flowing wellbeing, which builds resilience, confidence and an empowered sense of self as you walk through your days.

This is perfect for you if you…

  • Live feeling bogged down by anxiety and nerves
  • Are always trying to prepare for the worst case scenarios (even to cancel them out!) 
  • Have stomach issues or nervous habits
  • Overreact or become dramatic when you hear some news.
  • Jump to the defense when something points to your fault.
  • Struggle to find solutions to problems, but they just feel behind a fog.
  • Assume that not being able to fix these feelings of insecurity, anxiety and fear is because you aren’t doing something right.
A woman sitting indoors, covering her had with her hands in a gesture that might express stress, sadness, or fatigue, seeking a moment of alignment.

Get ready to simplify...

Find your moment. Get into your body and feel safe now.

Learn simple tools to call you into stability

Understand how the nervous system works

and why it’s trying to keep you safe

Know the signs of feeling triggered so you can call yourself back to alignment.

So how does it work?


The course is created to be worked through over a one week period. 


7 videos for 7 days.


Think of it as a detox program for alignment.

Each day’s video will lead you through a simple practice, perspective or exercise you can use to align your physical energy.

The more aligned your energy becomes the more you will start to reprogram your neural pathways to become accustomed to a sense of alignment.

The course uses an understanding in neuroscience, as well as spirituality and energy work, so you will feel invigorated and inspired to take part in each new video feeling better and better as you work through each lesson.

But moving through unalignment and alignment is part of the human condition, so the course also serves as an alignment toolbox, which you can pull out at any time fear comes knocking at your door (or butterflies start flying in your stomach) so you nudge yourself back into alignment of your whole self.

What’s included?

The course contains 8 video lessons that take you through alignment processes and practices to help you align your physical energetic world. 

Learn how:

  • Witness your nervous system and see if it’s triggered
  • Use breath and focus to regulate and ground
  • A Physical exercise practice that changes your entire energetic flow and grounds you. (Use each morning to feel present and aligned every day!) 
  • A meditation to align and ground.
  • How to actually hand things over to the Universe (and feel the shift)
  • Using affirmations and stories to change how you see the world.

Feel empowered by knowing how to know the signs of being unaligned in your mental energy world and how to realign within moments of your day. 

Develop the inner knowing that can take years of self work within a short seven day course.

This program is yours for lifetime access for only 

Who is Christina, and why should I trust her on my spiritual journey?

(Great question, I’m so glad you asked!)

I’ve studied spirituality and mindfulness for almost 25 years and  I majored in Religious studies and philosophy in university, so I’ve worked through the processes, done the shadow work, recited the affirmations and read the self help aisle. 

Sounds like I was set up to be a home schooling mom of three and entrepreneur working from home, right?


I’ll tell you here and now, it sometimes felt like I had an encyclopedia in my head without a search bar. My head used to feel like it would explode and even if I could block out the chaos around me, trying to wrack my brain to pull out a self help tool to focus was like drowning and someone describing the water.

I kept telling myself to “focus” and get clear, but how do you focus a full head?

It wasn’t working. I just got more and more out of alignment.

It was when I started to make clearer intentions, weed out what was cluttering my mind and tending my thoughts that I could see through the fog. I learnt about the four worlds of myself and could stop trying to align them all at once.

Instead, I focused on one world at a time and it changed everything.

When I worked on aligning my mental energetic world, intention became clearer, I started to prioritise differently and best of all, my thoughts started to support the person I wanted to be, rather than continually talk down to me.

I’ve taught the tools in this program to my clients and even my children when they were as young. I love seeing how decluttering your mind, tending it as a garden and starting to really make the decisions needed to step into your best self transforms life quickly.

All it takes is some nudges into alignment and it can be so much easier than we… think!

So let’s get you started.

I can’t wait to see you inside!