These are chaotic, loud, busy times that diminish your inner light and it’s important to review and maybe enhance a few of the simple steps that you can take to feel whole.

The energy system seems to be swirling around us.  I swear over the last six months, maybe even a year, I’ve said “it’s a strange energy out there right now” so often, I barely take it seriously now.

However, It really, really is. 

The collective has been generating a lot of fear for a long time there.

 It seems like something is always snagging at your attention, grabbing your focus, pulling you away from your sense of authentic, deep spiritual connection.

 If you have been feeling that bit of swirling, almost dizzying confusion, you’re not the only one. I have been doing a lot more focusing on my own inner self-care.

 I was reminded this morning when I was meditating, that often simplicity and creating a perspective of embodiment rather than a sense of outreaching is the more powerful. 

We are currently in a resurgence of old patterns and traumas that need to be released. It’s time. 

And if you feel like you already cleared them, you may find they are coming up to be cleared again. 

As a spiritual being, you possess divinity within yourself. 

The physical world is like a playground or a canvas on which you create new experiences every time you have a bad day or encounter the challenges of the world we live in. These experiences can help expand your spiritual light, if you allow them to.

There’s never been a more important time for you to be able to discern your inner, authentic truth from the chaos that’s in the world. 

This isn’t a time of reaction.

 It is a time for going within and connecting with your heart center. You came to this world for a purpose, even if you don’t have a clue what that is. 

The world is truly a better place because you are here, but you want to shine your brightest and be the best version of yourself, not just for yourself, but for your family and other people in your life. 

It is truly time to show up whole. 

Every single person comes into this world and creates layers on top of themselves.

 We are passed on different beliefs, we are passed on different concepts, we observe lots of different perspectives. We get hurt, we have horrible days and horrible experiences, horrible years, and they all provide layers that can cloud your light. 

But that doesn’t mean that underneath all those layers, the light doesn’t exist. 

The light is waiting.

So if the light is waiting, then you need to trust in the light, and the more you trust in the light, the more you empower the light. 

Embodying love, embodying inner light.

 You watch those layers start to break apart. It’s like shaking them to the ground.

Here’s a couple of simple processes to help you embody love.

  1.  Put your hands on your heart, connect within yourself. You can take a few deep, deep breaths into your heart and from there simply drop in like a penny to the pond, say I embody love, I embody love. 

My favorite meditations, which I offer over in the ENERGY RESET CIRCLE membership program, are when you, in your mind’s eye, see a light flowing from the top of your head and flowing down through all of your chakras and down through your energetic system and grounding you to the earth. 

However, this also helps embody love within you:

  1.  Imagine the light of love, whatever color you want to see that, as it can be red, it can be pink, it can be green, it can glow like a beautiful crystal light, it can be rainbow, it can be pure white, whatever comes to your own individual mind, imagine that burning bright within you.
    Plant it right at the center of your heart.
    Allow it to just burn bright, knowing that beneath all of those layers, all of those experiences that your human self has had, deep down within you there is this deep burning light. And give it some attention.
    Take a few deep breaths and, as you inhale, feel that light. Let it shine. 
  1. Go outside, look at the beautiful colors of the trees, the sky. Take a few deep breaths appreciating the fact that you have this physical form and you can actually feel the satisfying nourishment of oxygen when you meditate. Allow it to be simple and appreciate the vastness that you can reach, not reach that you can be. Allow spiritual love to flow through you and get out of your head. Allow joy to actually permeate from yourself, allow it to echo.

No matter what, I want to encourage you to start each day with a question: 

What light can I bring today? 

And let the answer come to you. 

That is how you truly, embody love.

woman enjoying her inner light

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