Embracing inner peace by the sea: a journey of self-discovery, alignment, and harmony.


Let’s start with the fact that we are all humans. No one is in alignment all the time. 

In fact, it usually goes that when you feel in flow, when things are just lining up and you shout Eureka to the cosmos, well, that’s usually when some growth spurt happens and you find yourself thrown back into chaos.

So goes the human experience. It’s a roller coaster.

But that doesn’t mean that finding your way back into alignment has to be hard. 

This is why I love the words Awareness and Alignment.

Human life is so much easier when you practice being Aware of your inner flow

And then learn how to align that flow.

It’s a bit like when you feel like you aren’t standing as tall as you would like. You go to a chiropractor to be tweaked and you are back in alignment. It’s not a big deal.

We need to normalize alignment as an easy process which is ongoing as a human being.

When you understand your four energetic worlds as a way to identify your alignment, you suddenly have an easy map to find your way back to yourself, so getting out of flow doesn’t turn into a midlife crisis.

Don’t know what four worlds I’m talking about? 

Here’s what to know: 

Your energetic system, much like your chakras, is divided up into sections, or worlds. These are; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Over the centuries these parts of you have been named in various ways, but by seeing them in simple, modern concepts you can easily identify them through what you are experiencing.

For example, here’s how I find alignment, using my four energetic worlds:

The other day I felt a little off. Nothing too big, I just felt a little overwhelmed, a little out of flow. Things were getting under my skin more than usual.

So, I checked into my four energetic worlds during my shower.

I started with my physical energetic world. 

I checked my nervous system, and if I felt grounded. I considered if I was having issues digesting my food lately, and considered if I was constipated. I considered how present I’ve been feeling. 

Your physical energetic world rules your physical reality, how you show up in this life. It’s centred on your root chakra and solar plexus.

Then, I moved up to my emotional energetic world. 

This is the home to your heart, but also your throat chakra. It’s where you store unprocessed emotions or grief, where you hold on to things you have felt but not released. I explored if I was holding onto any resentments or hurt, or if I was trying to hold back feeling something. I then asked myself if I had tight shoulders, a tight jaw, or if I was pursing my lips lately., basically any sign that I was holding something back.

Moving up again, I checked my mental energetic world. This is the centre of your thoughts as well as your inspirations and ideas.  First, was I furrowing my brow, or having any head tension. Was I out of alignment, so therefore, not letting inspirations to flow? How are my stories, my head traffic and attraction point? This is the home of your third eye chakra, but also your sacral, so I considered my balance of my masculine energy vs my feminine flow. Was I needing to stop being action focused?

Last, my spiritual energetic world:

Home to the Crown Chakra, the only question needed was… Was I letting the love in? Did I feel supported by my angels, my source, my flow?


Once I identified where I was out of alignment


(Yesterday, it was my emotional world, due to some new life experiences I’m processing.) 

I could then pull out the practices I know that support that world the best. It saves me so much time, as I don’t have to run around in circles wondering what I need to align. Instead, I just go within, find my flow and shift.


I’ve been expanding my understanding of the four energetic worlds for the last few years, gleaning information from the Kabbalah and gnostic studies as well as chakra systems and the psychological understanding of the four sides of ourselves. Therefore, I find it pretty easy to move through this observation practice when needed. It flows.


A serene sunrise session on a tranquil lake, inviting contemplation, inner balance, and alignment.


However, if you want an easy check in to see where you need more alignment in your energetic worlds, you can check out my energy alignment quiz here. 


You’ll be asked some simple questions and then given your result, as well as a pdf on that energetic world, so you learn all about it.

Each world benefits from different practices to help it align. Sometimes it takes a meditation, sometimes a releasing practice, often, nature or breath. 

But in all of this remember, there’s nothing wrong or broken in falling out of alignment. Rather, it’s part of being human. You came here to know unalignment and to feel the growth, flow and relief of finding alignment again.

It’s all part of the glorious journey and it doesn’t have to be as hard as we tend to think.



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