to the only New Year workshop designed to help you shift the heavy energy of the past year and create a vibrant, empowered new year even if you don’t know how things can change and you’ve been feeling stuck in a cycle.

If you feel like each year blends into one another but you are fed up with struggling to create change, then this workshop is for you!

Imagine the relief of a Fresh Start; an intentional pause where you can reflect, and give yourself space to align to the new year, and the aligned life you want.

The biggest challenge in setting New Year intentions is getting connected to your own heart enough, so you can know what you really want as well as clear out whatever keeps getting you what you DON’T want.



The great news is that THE FRESH START New Year’s workshop offers you space for that alignment. Through the practices offered, you’ll be guided within your heart to discover what worked in the past year, what you truly desire for 2024, as well as be led through a ritual to energetically release what’s keeping you on repeat each year, so you can fully align to the person you want to be.


This annual workshop helps you shift from the heaviness of one year and become eager about the year to come.

It then helps you chart a path that’s in alignment with what you really want.

The Fresh Start is for everyone who wants a powerful beginning for the new year.

AND then help you chart a path that’s in alignment with what you really want.

My experience with this workshop was an eye opening experience. Life is so fast pace that we don't usually ask ourselves these important questions that can have an important impact on our lives and personality. When it was over I had alot of food for thought. I had a very positive attitude and felt uplifting. Thank you Christina for all you do to make it possible to see things in a different perspective.
past workshop participant
I booked onto Christina's Fresh Start 'in person" Workshop in order to shake off some negativity about last year and I am so pleased I did. I found it a useful grounding and clearing session and particularly enjoyed the meditation and energy clearing. I would like to make this a regular event in my life, even if I try it online next year. Christina is friendly and welcoming.
past workshop participant

This is perfect for you if... 

Are feeling drained out from the last four years and want a do-over.

Feel like you need to infuse more magic in your life and your year to come.

Want to connect with other spiritually minded seekers who you can share your intentions with and feel empowered by others.

Are tired of setting intentions you can’t keep, or resolutions that fade with the Christmas decorations.

Sign up for this process to Feel held, guided and empowered through:

There are two opportunities for this Workshop:

On December 30th Christina Fletcher will be presenting the material online, worldwide in a zoom meeting. Offered from Christina’s studio, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with personal connections and opportunities for reflection, questions and guidance.

We meet 3pm EST/8pm GMT

Each registered participant will be sent a link, a PDF workbook and a replay recording within 24 hours of the event. Cost is $35 USD. 

On January 6th,  5:30 pm GMT Christina will be offering the material LIVE in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK.

In the Library of Avalon just through  The Glastonbury Experience.

Enjoy the ambiance of this magical setting, while releasing the year that’s been and charting your path ahead.

Cost is £20 GBP.

I really loved the workshop. It was very intentional, very insightful and introspective. It felt really good to sit and really think about the year and my lessons and to plan for an even better new year.

And I always love Christina‘s meditations : ]

- Traci Lee, past workshop participant
What a wonderful way to start 2023!

Releasing old thought patterns and trauma from 2022 and looking forward.... 'a fresh start'.

Listing some positive memories from the year was very healing and has helped me to leave the year behind and look into the future. The inspiring words of the year exercise was very powerful too. Thank you Christina.

- Donna, past workshop participant

Who is Christina Fletcher?

Christina is a Spiritual Alignment Coach and Energy Healer who has worked online for the past 8 years.

She studied spirituality and mindfulness for almost 25 years and majored in Religious studies and philosophy in university, so she’s worked through the processes, done the shadow work, recited the affirmations and read the self help aisle. 

When she was a teen she started celebrating New Years with two journal entries: Year In REVIEW and Year in PREVIEW and she soon found that it helped direct her life. But then, she discovered spiritual practices and her simple entries went a lot deeper.

Inspired by Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map, Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year workbooks, a variety of planning processes and then deep meditations and rituals on stepping into your higher self, Christina started practising a deep dive into Crossing the Threshold of the year. 5years ago she started offering this powerful process to others and now it’s a celebrated annual event.

"Christina’s New Year’s workshop is wonderful to take time to reflect on the year past and get some intentions set for the year to come. I have come to look forward to this event each year!"
- Lisa Benson, past workshop participant
"Christina always brings together a group of warm and supportive women. Her New Year’s workshop is a great way to step away from the busyness of the holidays and get clear about intentions for the upcoming year."
- Jennifer Joyce, past workshop participant